Spectrum Health

Helen DeVos Childen's Hospital
Pediatric Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
35 Michigan St, Suite 5201
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


(616) 267-2830


Helen DeVos Peds Psychiatry


Child Psychiatry Clinic
Pediatric Psychology Clinic
Autism Spectrum Disorders/Developmental Disbilities Clinic
Neuropsychology Clinic

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Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

(616) 852-4001


pine rest counseling
pine rest clinicians


Life can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to become overwhelming. Several clinics available to help you, your family and friends through complicated or difficult times. Our highly trained psychiatrists and psychologists provide professional services with compassion and understanding. We treat people of all ages and stages of life for a variety of mental health, relationsihip and alcohol or drug issues.

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Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan

1403 60th ST SE

Kentwood, MI 49508


(616) 719-4488




Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan, PLC was formed in 1997 by our psychiatrists. We had been frustrated in various ways by the organizations in which we had worked. We came together to develop a group that focuses on highly competent and compassionate psychiatric care. Our emphasis has been on easily accessible, prompt, and timely care for people of all ages.

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Joseph Drumm, DO

609 Lakeside Dr. SE

East Grand Rapids, MI 49506


(830) 837-6999




Dr. Drumm sees patients of all ages (children, adolescents, adults and geriatric populations); services will be made available in-office in Grand Rapids and/or via telepsychiatry (telemedicine) for any/all persons in the state of Michigan.  Treatment modalities include medication management +/- psychotherapy.

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Claystone Clinical Associates

2040 Raybrook St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


(616) 949-7460




Claystone Clinical Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice that specializes in the psychological care of individuals from infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, through their senior years. Treatment is provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants

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Veritas Psychiatry

6410 Alpine Ave. NW, Suite A

Comstock Park, MI 49321


(616) 647-3330

(616) 548-6237




Veritas Integrated Psychiatric Care was created to provide excellence in mental health by addressing the whole person: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Unlike the current medical model with its focus on symptom management, Veritas is distinctive in its approach by seeking out the root causes of the symptoms: discerning whether they are physical, neurological, psychological, psychiatric, medication, illegal drug related, or spiritual in nature---and treating them appropriately.

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Philip Fox, MD

Psychiatric Associates


1403 60th St. SE

Kentwood, MI 49508


(616) 719-4488




Dr. Fox values working collaboratively with patients who have complex psychiatric problems.  In addition to his outpatient practice

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Pine Rest Psychiatric Urgent Care Center

300 68th St. SE

Grand Rapids, 49548


(616) 455-9200

(800) 678-5500

TTY (616) 281-6446


pine rest urgent care


Pine Rest Urgent Care Center is designed to provide same-day psychiatric assessment and treatment for people experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms who cannot wait for routine outpatient intervention. Adults 18-65.


Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM

Sat-Sun 8AM-3PM

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