Claystone Clinical Associates

2040 Raybrook St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


(616) 949-7460


Claystone Clinical Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice that specializes in the psychological care of individuals from infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, through their senior years. Treatment is provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants

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Veritas Psychiatry

6410 Alpine Ave. NW, Suite A

Comstock Park, MI 49321


(616) 647-3330

(616) 548-6237


Veritas Integrated Psychiatric Care was created to provide excellence in mental health by addressing the whole person: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Unlike the current medical model with its focus on symptom management, Veritas is distinctive in its approach by seeking out the root causes of the symptoms: discerning whether they are physical, neurological, psychological, psychiatric, medication, illegal drug related, or spiritual in nature---and treating them appropriately.

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Randy Wolthuis, PhD

Psychiatric Associates


1403 60th St. SE

Kentwood, MI 49508


(616) 719-4488


Dr. Randy Wolthuis is a licensed psychologist and has been in practice in the West Michigan area for over 25 years. Dr. Wolthuis has a broad range of experience in working with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other conditions.

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Thomas C Fuller, PhD

HRA Psychological Services


3940 Peninsular Dr SE Suite 230

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


(616) 458-0692


When you are revealing the personal aspects of your life to someone, you want that person to be intelligent, warm and non-judgmental. You also want that person to be knowledgeable and practical. I am direct and offer practical help in addressing the problems of life.

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The Well Being Counseling and Fitness Center

Brendan Kelly, MSW, LMSW

Timothy J. Pieri, LMSW, ACSW


1118 Front Ave. NW Suite #1

Grand Rapids, MI 49504


(616) 458-6870


We provide traditional outpatient counseling services by our staff of skilled and experienced therapists that are grounded in evidence-based practices.

We utilize physical exercise as a primary form of treating most commonly occurring mental health issues, such as anxiety & depression, and do so based on science and research.

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Lisa Tamblyn-Bergman LPC

3904 Preserve Dr. NE

Belmont, MI 49306


(616) 318-6394


lisa's website


Change is hard. Growth is always possible. I enjoy walking beside men, women, couples and families as they navigate, heal, and grow through life experiences where they encounter challenges and stresses of life. My deepest desire is for each client to live in the fullness of their unique identity.


Mental Health Resources Supporter

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Forest View Hospital

1055 Medical Park Dr.

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


(616) 942-9610

800-949-8439 (24/7 assessment services)


Forest View Hospital is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All assessment and referral services are offered at no cost. The compassionate, professionally trained staff in our Assessment and Referral Center will help you identify the services that best meet your needs.

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