Support Groups

You are not alone!
Experience the freedom that comes from the shared experience and support of others

70×7 Life Recovery

Grand Rapids Program Center
2950 Clyde Park Ave SW
Wyoming, MI  49509


(616) 454-4925




Serves those returning from incarceration and the families of those presently incarcerated.
For those returning – life skills classes, mentoring, job readiness and job placement
For the families – hope, encouragement, support and practical knowledge about the corrections system


Stronger Together Family Support Group
Helping families of the incarcerated with encouragement, strength, resources and hope.

1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 PM, Kentwood Community Church (2950 Clyde Park Ave SW, Wyoming 49509)

Men’s Clear Group
A men’s group of returning citizens, law enforcement, and other resource representatives that work to break the cycle of recidivism.

Women’s Clear Group
A women’s group of returning citizens, law enforcement, and other resource representatives that work to break the cycle of recidivism.

Anxiety Resource Center

312 Grandville Ave

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


(616) 356-1614


Anxiety Disorders

A weekly support group open to anyone who has an anxiety problem. Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 and 7-8:30pm


Teen Anxiety Disorders

A laid-back, welcoming environment for teens (ages 13-17) to recognize they aren’t alone. Find others who get it and learn skills to manage your anxiety. Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:45 pm



A weekly support group open to anyone who has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.  Wednesdays 7-8:30pm


Social Outings

A great opportunity to have fun, meet new friends while challenging your anxiety in a variety of settings.

Calvary Church

Mental Illness Support Group
707 E Beltline AVE NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525




Calvary family support group


If you are caring for a loved one with mental illness, this support group is designed to give you encouragement, training and fellowship with others walking a similar journey.

Second Thursday monthly 6:30-8pm

Community Recovery

Several Support groups for many issues, free dinner (anxiety, depression, codependency, addiction, and more)


New Community Church

2340 Dean Lake Ave

Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Friday nights, dinner 6 pm, worship 7pm, groups 8pm


Calvary Christian Reformed Church

3500 Byron Center Rd

Wyoming, MI 49519


Monday nights, dinner 6 pm, worship 7pm, groups 8pm

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Grand Rapids (DBSA)


Kristin Finn

(616) 365-1853


Sara Watrous

(616) 680-0246


Our goal is to support and educate people with bipolar disorder and depression. You are not alone and we’re here to help. We also provide support, hope, and insight to family and friends.


Support Group meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7-8:45 pm at: 


Eastminster Presbyterian Church

1700 Woodward SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Emotions Anonymous

New Community Church
Celebrate Recovery
2340 Dean Lake Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


(616) 557-2130


emotions anonymous


Emotions Anonymous is 12 step international fellowship of men and women who desire to improve their emotional well-being.

Forest View Hospital

1055 Medical Park Dr.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546


(616) 942-9610


Families supporting Families


Families Supporting Families is a free community support group for families and friends who have been impacted by a loved one’s mental illness. The Families Supporting Families support group can help alleviate stresses by providing an opportunity to share personal experiences and to learn more about mental illness from mental health professionals.

First and third Tuesdays each month 6-7pm

Grand Rapids’ Broken People

Online and in-person support groups for broken people living with mental health conditions


Share your brokenness, encourage the hurting, build community, and search for meaning. If you are struggling with mental wellness, this may be for you.

i understand


P.O. Box 822 Ada, 49301


Caregiver support group

3rd Tuesday 6:30-8pm


Ronald McDonald House

1232 Cedar St NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49301



Loss Support Group 

3rd Wednesday, 6:30-8pm


Fountain Street Church

24 Fountain St. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


i understand is for living in peace and understanding associated with losing a loved one by suicide or those suffering with a mental illness.

NAMI Kent County


(616) 559-0045



NAMI Family Support Group

The NAMI Family Support Group is a peer-led support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness.3rd Tuesday 7 pm

Network 180

3310 Eagle Park Dr. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525


Cornerstone Church 

1675 84th St SE

Caledonia, MI 49316

First Tuesday 6:30 – 8 pm


NAMI Connection

NAMI Connection is a recovery support group program for adults living with mental illness. These groups provide a place that offers respect, understanding, encouragement, and hope.

3310 Eagle Park Dr. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

3rd Tuesday 7 pm




Native American Family Services

671 Davis Ave NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan


(616) 451-6767


The mission of NAFS is to deliver services and information that encourages healthy lifestyles. Our program strives to ensure the information and services are culturally relevant and age approptiate.

West Michigan Survivors of Suicide

(616) 285-5585


We encourage survivors to gather, to remember and to speak aloud the precious names of those lost to suicide. You are in a safe place with those who understand. If you are very new to the tragedy of suicide loss, despair may be your companion. We hope you find some time to rest your burden and share it with those of us who need no explanation.

Second Thursday monthly
Park Congregtional Church
10 Park Place, NE
Grand Rapids, MI
7-8:30 pm
Use Ransom St entrance